Department of Psychology


Psychology is a scientific discipline that employs systematic methods of inquiry to study and explain human behavior, in terms of underlying variables such as neural, physiological, and cognitive processes; developmental factors and individual differences; and social and interpersonal influences and contexts.

The undergraduate curriculum of the Psychology Department in Izmir Economics University has been designed to introduce the breadth of psychology in terms of both the range of behavioral phenomena studied and the variety of methods and theoretical approaches employed. Beyond introductory courses, students can take specialized courses in areas such as, learning and memory, motivation, perception, cognition, measurement, personality, and clinical, developmental, social, industrial and organizational psychology. The curriculum also provides opportunities for research experience, by participation with faculty and graduate students in research projects as well as field practice.

The behavioral aims of the program are: to acquaint the students with updated knowledge in different areas of psychology; to put into practice in everyday life discoveries in the field; to prepare students for critical and creative thinking; to equip them for experimental study, research, and data gathering and analysis.

The career paths for psychology graduates are varied according to their areas of interest: Psychological guidance and counseling in schools and other educational institutions; working in human resources departments in industry where they can lead employee recruitment, selection, performance assessment, manpower planning, research activities; working in institutions for special children with disabilities, for elderly people, for orphans, for mentally disturbed; in the fields of criminology, political psychology, sports, health, psychometrics.

Psychology is present wherever there are people. Understanding and assessing the behavior and the cognitive-emotional processes of men, women and children using scientific methods are requisites for rendering people effective, productive, satisfied and well-adapted to the world they live in. Hence, psychology, whose main concern is the person and groups of people, has a significant place among other fields of science.

Head of the Psychology Department  

Assoc. Prof. Burak ERDENİZ


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