Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Psychology Department Mind, Behavior and Brain Research Lab!

The main purpose of the researches carried out in our laboratory is to discover the cognitive, behavioural and emotional processes of human being by using scientific behavioural and brain imaging methods for conducting studies on cognition, learning, attention, perception and memory. Our laboratory is used for both educational and research purposes, and it enables our academic staff and department students to conduct research.

Our laboratory consists of 4 experimental rooms equipped with sound-thermal insulating and image-voice recording systems. These systems enable researches on behavioural and mental process with the state-of the-art technological equipment.

Our undergraduate students are able to use the department laboratories in the courses, for which they have to design researches and projects. Therefore, they get the opportunity to experience in conducting a scientific research in a laboratory environment.

Mind, Behavior and Brain Research Laboratory is located on the Block A, -2 floor.


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