Department of Psychology

Izmir University of Economics Psychology Department Program Outcomes

​​​1. To have knowledge of basic concepts, theories, approaches (behavioral, biological, cognitive, evolutionary, social, developmental, statistical, humanistic, psychodynamic, and socio-cultural), and current applications specific to the field of psychology by using current course materials and instruments.

​​​2. To have basic knowledge and skills about the applications in the different subfields of psychology.

3. To have basic knowledge about the testing and measurement instruments used in different subfields of psychology and basic level skill that does not require expertise in carrying out applications in different subfields of psychology.

​​​4. To make use of other disciplines that may contribute to psychology and have basic knowledge about the contribution of psychology to these disciplines.

​​​5. To have cumulative knowledge about the position of psychology as a scientific discipline in Turkey, the conducted research, applications and problems encountered from past to present in the field of psychology.

​​​6. To have the competence to conduct a research individually and/or as a team using the knowledge acquired in the field of psychology, interpret the findings obtained by using scientific problem solving and critical thinking approaches.

​​​7. To have the ability to construct a research hypothesis, create a research design, collect data, analyze it, report it in a scientific writing format, and interpret it by using basic knowledge related to testing and measurement, research methods, and statistics acquired in the field of psychology.

8. To have the competence to share the theoretical and applied knowledge acquired in the field of psychology with the experts and lay people by using the required information and communication technologies in scientific studies and events that benefit the society.

9. To have knowledge of the relevant professional and ethical values ​​in the domains of psychology and respect individual differences and human rights in research and practices related to psychology.

10. To constantly renew herself/himself professionally by following both national and international publications in the field of psychology, the developments in testing and measurement instruments and software programs used in the discipline.

11. To establish written and verbal communication with experts and lay people by using both Turkish and English.

12. To be able to speak a second foreign at a medium level of fluency efficiently.

13. To be able to relate the knowledge accumulated throughout the human history to their field of expertise.




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