Department of Psychology

Aim of the Program

The aim of the Psychology undergraduate program is to train graduates who have comprehensive knowledge of the basic principles and theories of psychology, have the ability to think scientifically, act within the framework of professional and scientific ethical principles, think critically, autonomously and creatively, and produce creative solutions to individual and social problems. Our graduates who are trained with the responsibility and awareness of achieving such a goal:

  1. Have basic knowledge in different subfields of Psychology such as Experimental, Clinical, Developmental, Social, and Industrial/Organizational.
  2. Have the ability to use the theoretical and applied knowledge acquired in the field of Psychology at the local and global level and the competence to use the information and communication technologies necessary to disseminate this information.
  3. Have basic knowledge about the contribution of different subfields of Psychology to each other and to different disciplines.
  4. Have basic knowledge and application skills that do not require expertise in testing and measurement instruments and applications used in different sub-fields of Psychology.
  5. Conduct research individually and / or as a team by following the steps of the scientific method and report its findings using modern computer and software programs.
  6. Behave in accordance with professional values and universal ethical principles.
  7. Respect people, society and characteristics and differences such as race, ethnicity, national identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability and socioeconomic status.
  8. Act with the awareness of lifelong learning in the stages of understanding, interpreting the theoretical knowledge acquired in the field of Psychology and producing solutions to related social problems.
  9. Use both their native language and at least one foreign language effectively.

Our graduates can work in public and private institutions and organizations operating in many fields such as health, industry, education, academic, research and development.

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